A library for controlling how outside data is used.

Maintained and written by Alan Shields

For example: the user is supposed to enter an integer into an input element of a web form. How do you ensure that the input is an integer? Option 1, write your own code. Option two:

(detaint input-string 'integer)

Or that it's an integer between 1 and 10?

(detaint input-string '(integer :min 1 :max 10)

And many, many others. The library can also be used to wrap values (tainting them), making them unusable unless processed in a certain, controlled manner. This is useful for outside strings, and is built into the aaraneida framework, for example.


This library is currently pre-release. A darcs respository is available.

DARCS Stable (such as it is) Repository:
DARCS Testing Repository:
Browseable DARCS

Contact Alan Shields <> with any patches or bug reports.

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